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What are the factors affecting the operation of waste gas treatment equipment?

The key of waste gas treatment equipment is to use different process technologies to recover or remove and reduce harmful components in waste gas to protect the ecological environment and purify indoor air。 This is also a special environmental protection equipment for industrial production sites (such as processing plants), and the waste gas generated by the production workshop should be pre-treated before being discharged to the outside world to meet domestic environmental standards。 Turn on the exhaust exhaust device。

Sources and hazards of organic waste gas

With the rise and development of the petrochemical industry, the environment in which human beings live has gradually deteriorated, and the air pollution has become more and more serious。This is enough to show that the exhaust gas emitted by the petrochemical industry in the production process is the real culprit of atmospheric environmental pollution。The emissions are huge, and the amount of organic matter it contains fluctuates greatly

Waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers tell you the necessity of chemical waste gas treatment

Ogus Environmental Protection is a production of waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers, is a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales of waste gas treatment equipment and other high-tech enterprises。The company has technical talents, dozens of software developers, dozens of mechanical engineers, several engineers, and has a huge installation team of hundreds of people to provide customers with one-stop service。At present, the main products of the company are regenerative incinerator (RTO), zeolite runner equipment, electrostatic trap treatment system, SBS coil electric capture sewage treatment system and other environmental protection equipment, which is specialized for RTO workers

Application of electrostatic catcher treatment system for electrocapture sewage treatment system

Application of electrostatic catcher treatment system for electrocapture sewage treatment system。Factories, wallpaper or conveyor belts, printing and dyeing industry production of artificial leather or floor leather, in the production process will produce a lot of soot, pollution of the air environment, affecting the health of production personnel and surrounding residents。Therefore, it is necessary to use a smoke suppression equipment to purify the clean air after purification into the atmosphere, which can not only improve the working environment of workers, but also easier to recruit workers to expand production。What is the equipment for handling smoke and smoke?That is electrostatic capture sewage treatment system, electrostatic capture treatment system, electrostatic capture。

What are the factors affecting desulfurization efficiency of regenerative incinerator?

After nearly ten years of operation, the efficiency of flue gas desulphurization decreased。What are the factors affecting desulfurization efficiency of regenerative incinerator?For example, some factors such as engine power, air oxidation gas, desulfurization tower level meter, slurry pH value, and so on, let's briefly introduce it to you。

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